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Traditional marriage counseling by a therapist or counselor may not be your best solution. Click photo for a cutting edge alternative.

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With respect to marriages, Dr. Ken Newberger, who holds a Ph.D in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, provides couples with a cutting-edge alternative to traditional marriage counseling.  Unlike conventional marriage counseling, his approach to working with couples:
(1) is proactive
(2) yields a treasure trove of highly insightful information
(3) is faster and shorter
(4) has relationship reconciliation as the goal
There are studies that show that many traditional marriage counselors and therapists are not goal-directed.  These individuals were trained, in essence, to "lead from behind."  Dr. Newberger, by contrast, takes a much more proactive approach.  Unlike the customary way marriage counselors elicit information from a couple, Dr. Newberger uses multiple assessment tools the couple will complete between their first and second joint sessions.  This means that early on Dr. Newberger will receive and synthesize a treasure trove of highly insightful information.  This will occur far faster than would otherwise be the case with a traditional marriage counselor.  Prior to the second joint session, he will create a strategic agenda that gets to the heart of the matter in quick order.  Because Dr. Newberger's work focuses on reconnection and not mental health diagnoses or medical treatment, the amount of time to work through his process is shorter than marital therapy.  The sad truth is, a marriage may dissolve well before the fruits of therapy ever materialize.
As explained on another webpage, conventional marriage counseling is not necessarily about repairing the relationship.  Traditional marriage counselors have no predisposition as to whether a couple stays together or separates.  This may be the most surprising truth about the way marriage counseling has been traditionally practiced.  By contrast, Dr. Newberger sets relationship reconciliation as the goal.  As the architect of the "Reconciliation Model of Peacemaking," his expertise is promoting healthy and harmonious relationships.  He will fight to make your marriage a healthier, happier one!  Click here to view the outline to his process, a cutting-edge alternative to traditional marriage counseling.