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There are different approaches to working with couples in conflict. Some are clearly more effective than others. Dr. Newberger uses a mediatorial framework that has reconciliation as the goal. Bolstering this approach is research indicating that a marriage is more likely to survive if relationship improvement is the goal. This only makes sense. Unfortunately, marriage counseling and marriage therapy today is, all too often, non-directive. Such marriage counselors, therapists. or psychologists take a passive role and serve more as a sounding board than an active champion of your marriage. In the end, if the marriage does not survive, the couple may feel that their conflicted relationship is simply beyond repair. In reality this may not be the case at all! To learn more about Dr. Newberger's process to repair and rebuild marriages, click the photo to the left above. Dr. Newberger serves Florida's Lee and Collier counties in Southwest Florida (SWFL), that is, Naples FL, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers (Ft. Myers), Fort Myers Beach, Cape Coral, Marco Island, Sanibel Island, & Captiva Island, FL.